Go from Shamed to Claimed!

Do you struggle to gain approval from
your worst critics?

It's time to break that cycle
and claim the forgiveness only
Jesus can give, with the
Free Course below!

It's finally here!

Gathering the Wayward Heart

Lessons on Faith, Trust and Surrendering Our Best-Laid Plans

I am so excited to announce my book is available for purchase!

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Dr. Jacqueline Y. Ford 


The Wayward Heart is a thought provoking Woman's Devotional which inspires its readers to experience and understand the devoted love of God in every circumstance. Tracey takes her readers on her intimate journey while challenging them to reflect on their own lessons of faith and trust as they surrender to God's plan for their lives.

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Tired of Living in Fear?

You are precious to God and He desires the best for you. There is peace in the Lord! You do not have to live in fear. When you have faith in the Lord, you have an assurance that He is in control of everything. Nothing else will bring rest to your weary soul.

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