How do you know when you are letting your past hold you captive?

Do any of these statements describe you?
• You avoid certain people because of gossip.
• You avoid family functions because you are ashamed of something.
• You are afraid that a secret from your past will be revealed.
• People believe things about you that are not true.
• You are ashamed of something you did.
• You are still hurting over something someone did to you. And the list goes on. Do you experience: • Conversations in your head with certain people that have hurt you.
• Endless worst-case scenarios that replay in your mind.
• Irritability over the above two points.
• Shame
• Fear of Judgment
• Anger
• Thoughts of revenge Do you desire:
• Vindication
• Validation
• Forgiveness
• Healing
• Redemption Still not sure?
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